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Corporate Clueless
Class of ‘08
Gotta Go
Get Bent
Mild, Mild West

This beautiful squad call themselves The Magic Shop. 

We're a tight-knit, rag-tag bunch of buddies who met at our

9-5 in advertising & decided we wanted to spend our 5-9 seeing what we could cook up together. We specialize in 48 Hour Films, where we give up good sense and sleep to make something out of nothing in two days. With half a dozen fiercely optimistic friends and zero dollars, we've made short films that have somehow taken us all the way to Cannes & SXSW. 

The stuff I've made with them is the work I'm by far the most proud of. Not because of the opportunities it's given me, which have been too many to name, but because it showed me how much is possible when you throw caution to the wind, and say screw it, let's make something stupid together.

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